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Kreatis replacing experimentation for reach - REACH alternative laboratory testing
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partner of KREATiS : The partnership approach of 2Rcube and KREATiS

The partnership approach of 2Rcube and KREATiS

Facing our future

While the vision to implement two of the 3Rs may seems in contradiction to the idea of partnering with laboratories, this could not be further from the truth. There will always be a need for experimental studies but our vision of the future is to limit the need for routine tests and remove the need for testing vertebrate animals that can better be carried out using alternative approaches. It’s our fundamental raison d’être for R&D. KREATiS is highly reliant on quality experimental data and we regularly partner with the most reliable and innovative laboratories in order to achieve these aims.
partner of KREATiS : LPL


Notre expertise au service de vos besoins
partner of KREATiS : OneAngstrom


Molecular design – All domains – One Platform
partner of KREATiS : Axelera


Ensemble, catalysons les réussites
partner of KREATiS : Innov'alliance


Le pĂ´le Terralia-Pass devient Innov'Alliance
partner of KREATiS : CEHTRA


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