iSafeRat®: HA-QSARs studies for REACH endpoints
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REACH alternative experimentation - iSafeRat

iSafeRat® (in Silico Algorithms For Environmental Risk And Toxicity) is the name given to the toolbox containing the set of High Accuracy QSAR (HA-QSAR) modules produced by KREATiS. Initially designed to meet the REACH requirements to fulfil endpoints of regulatory dossier, iSafeRat® aims to be the most reliable and accurate in silico approach to replace all kind of experimental studies.

When you order a HA-QSAR study from KREATiS you get a complete service: each requested endpoint is scrutinised individually by our staff to verify applicability domain, to examine any data you provide and then to use the appropriate iSafeRat® algorithm to provide you with the best result. In certain cases more than one way can be used to calculate an endpoint.

The aim of KREATiS is to provide an endpoint value with an accuracy equal to (or even better than) that obtained by the best available experimental technique available for that endpoint following OECD Guideline methods but for a fraction of the price of a laboratory study.

Each endpoint value that you order will be provided in a full report format containing a project and study number, information on the substance provided by the client, a brief explanation of how the prediction was made, the result and confidence limits and in Annex a full QSAR Model Report (QMRF) and QSAR Prediction Report (QPRF) necessary for successful REACH submission of your endpoint to ECHA.

If required a complete Robust summary for the endpoint can be prepared by KREATiS and will be sent to you in i5z format. The cost of this service will be provided to you in the quote upon request.

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