Kreatis replacing experimentation for reach - REACH alternative laboratory testing
Kreatis - an alternative to experimentation for REACH - REACH alternative experimentation

KREATiS also offers in silico consulting and expert services:

  1. using recognised off-the-shelf SARs and QSARs to provide a complete service to our clients
  2. Providing bespoke QSAR development for clients’ needs
  3. Offering QSAR oriented training and webinars
To address a query that concerns endpoints and chemical domains currently outside the scope of iSafeRat®
Using existing tools from other providers. e.g. OECD QSAR Toolbox, VEGA, Danish QSAR Database, Toxtree, AMBIT etc.
An endpoint is predicted using multiple models available and a consensus prediction is generated to minimise errors
An in silico study report is provided as a supplement with each prediction; IUCLID support

Molecular EcoConception

Make the right decisions from the Conception of the molecule.

Don’t wait ‘til you produce more than 1 TPA to find out your substance will need to be classified!

We can help you with iSafeRat® to avoid chemical structures that may be detrimental to the safety of your product  

Toxicophore (HH & Env), Persistency and Bioaccumulation alerts

Using iSafeRat® in combination with off-the-shelf tools (e.g. OECD QSAR Toolbox)

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