Kreatis replacing experimentation for reach - REACH alternative laboratory testing
Kreatis - an alternative to experimentation for REACH - REACH alternative experimentation

Training support

Introduction to QSARs


Off-the-shelf models

KREATiS as your trusted partner for QSAR-oriented training
Learn about QSARs and Read-across approaches
Get trained to work with iSafeRat® Online
Training to work with off-the-shelf tools (e.g. OECD QSAR Toolbox)
Bespoke trainings: We can also tailor a training agenda to best fit your needs

Top 3 KREATiS Trainings


  • Familiarise with the key features of the toolbox
  • Perform profiling for your substances of interest
  • Learn how to perform read-across and QSAR predictions
  • Identify the potential metabolites and perform predictions on mixtures

QSARs for beginners

  • Basics of QSAR modelling
  • Develop a simple linear regression model using R
  • Define the applicability domain of your QSAR model
  • Learn how to validate a QSAR model
  • Familiarise with some already existing QSARs

Reporting QSARs for regulatory use

  • Provisions of QSAR results in REACH regulations
  • How to report a QSAR prediction in regulatory dossiers
  • Familiarise with regulatory reporting formats: QMRF and QPRF reports
  • Support with IUCLID
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