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Kreatis - an alternative to experimentation for REACH - REACH alternative experimentation

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Come and meet us at EUROTOX 2019

KREATiS at Eurotox Helsinki 2019 - Booth 42

August 29, 2019

Over and above our stand KREATiS are presenting 3 posters at Eurotox Helsinki this year.

Come and talk to Carole, Paul and Faizan at booth 42. The posters being presented are:

- Predictive capacity of the iSafeRat Eye Irritation / Corrosion Prediction Model (QSAR)

- A new in-silico method to predict with high probablity the absence of potential for endocrine disruption

- Can the battery of in-vitro and in-silico methods resolve current deadlocks with skin sensitisation? (this poster in presented in partnership with Eurosafe)

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